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Wilhelm Reich in Hell, The Musical (2006)
Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson (2003)
Winterstar Interview (2001)
Consciousness, Conspiracy, and Coincidence (c. 1992)
The “I” in the Triangle
Brain Machine Symposioum (1989)

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With Karl Hess Libertarian Party Convention, 1987
Politicians, Peptides and Stupidity Libertarian Party Convention, 1987
Interview with KBHK – San Francisco, March 17, 1986
Religion for the Hell of It, Comedy Club, SF, 1987
Borders, 1990 (Trailer)
Unearthed Interview, 1991
Bridge Psychedelic Conference, 1991
Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, May 23rd, 1995
Infinity Factory with Genesis P. Orridge and RAW, Nov 7, 1997
conspiracy interview, 1997
Everything is Under Control interview with Scott Apel, 1998
Richard Metzgers’ disinfo nation, 1999
Prophet’s Conference, 2000
The Universe Contains a Maybe, Winterstar 2001

short clips
from a couple Portuguese short films by Edgar Pera:
SWK4 (1993) & Tuneis da Realidade  (1996)
On head resting
Dove Sta Memora

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  1. Maybe you guys already know about this one, but RAW’s on a panel for “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll,” in Seattle, Aug.1987.

    Walter Block on sex, then RAW on how the evolutionary value of stupidity, and the cultural effects of the Federal gvt’s outlaw of LSD research in 1966. Then Dr. Demento on rock and roll. RAW starts around 24:45:

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