Way Out, February 1963 (pdf)
a journal co-edited by RAW containing at least one article by Wilson, and likely a second under the pen name “Bruno Schubert”

No Governor Issues 1-7 (pdf), a journal edited by Robert Shea in the mid to late 70’s and in the 80’s.  Wilson’s contributes: “Free Love, Sexism, and All That,” Issue 1, Spring 1975; “Anarchism and Magick in the Light of Interstellar Neurogenetics,” Issue 2, Fall 1975; “A Few Blunt Statements about Neuro-Economics,” Issue 4, Spring 1975.

Trajectories  (in pdf)
Spring 1979
Fall 1981
March 1982
Towards understanding E-Prime from Issue #5, Autumn 1990
Spring 1993 (#12)
Trajectories #13, 1994  (YouTube) originally released on audio cassette
Spring 1995 (#14)
Trajectories #15, 1995ish (YouTube) originally released on audio cassette 
Autumn 1996 (#16/17) including the Brain Books essay


Joyce and Tao From The James Joyce Review,  1959
—–reprinted in Email to the Universe

An Index of over 30 essays from Paul Krassner’s The Realist

sex1, sex2, ……… etc, Institute of General Semantics, Training Division Newsletter, June, 1959

Sexual Freedom: Why It Is Fearedmattachette REVIEW, August 1962

from Ralph Ginzburg’s fact:
“Of Transcendental Beauty and …” by Ronald Weston, V1N1 Jan-Feb 1964
“The Rebirth of the Klu Klux Klan” V1N3 May-June 1964
“The National Enquirer, …” V1N4, July-August 1964
The Fastest Growing Religion in the WorldNov-Dec 1964
The Passion of Madalyn Murray Jan-Feb 1965
The Messiah of Madison Avenue, March-April 1965
The Religion of Kerista and Its 69 Positions, July-Aug 1965
Don’t Go Away, Mad, Nov-Dec 1965
William Burroughs: High Priest of Hipsterism, by “Ronald Weston”

Sex and the Mind Expanding DrugsCavalier, April 1966

Why I am a Right Wing Anarchist (pdf), by Ronald Weston, rogerSPARK, May, 1969

Even a Man Who is Pure at Heart, Journal of Human Relations, 1st Qtr, 1971

The WASP as Ubermensch, or I Was Saved by Billy Graham, The Village Voice,  June 24, 1971

Come back, Lyndon! with Robert Shea, The Organ, July 1971

from Gallery:
Divorce American Style by “Simon Moon,” November 1972 (first issue)
“I Opening” (fiction),  November 1972 (first issue), republished in the Hilaritas Press re-release of Natural Law
The Witches Are Coming, January 1973

Serpent Power! (pdf), Chicago Seed, September 1973

from Oui:
In Search of the Apocalyptic Orgasm, January 1975
The Future of Sex, November 1975
The Science of the Impossible
 (pdf), March 1979

from Green Egg:
Anarchism and Crime, No. 62, May 1974
Starseed Rises Like the Phoenix from Its AshesNo 68, February, 1975
Neurologic, Immortality & All That, No 72, August, 1975
Racism, Sexism, and Evolution, No 77, September 1976
Horseman, Pass By, No 107, Winter 1994-5

From Gnostica:
The Lord of Force and Fire [about Aleister Crowley], No. 40, 1976
Don’t Be Afraid of Black Magic, No. 41, Feb./March 1977, republished in the Hilaritas Press re-release of Natural Law

from Science Fiction Review:
book review (pdf) of Vallee’s The Invisible College, No. 18, August, 1976
book review of Timothy Leri’s What Does WoMan Want?, No. 19, 1976
book review of Timothy Leary’s Exo-Psychology, No. 23, November, 1977

The 23 PhenomenonThe Fortean Times, Issue 23, 1977

from New Libertarian:
Truth  Comes on Swift Wings, Nov. 28, 1976
Eight Kinds of Libertarians,  Feb. 6, 1977
The Noble Eight-Fold Path,  March 13, 1977
That Old Black Magick,  April 10, 1977
I, Robot,  July 3, 1977
Abortion and Logic, August 21, 1977
The Compleat Skeptic, Nov. 20, 1977, republished in the Hilaritas Press rerelease of Natural Law
Skepticism and Solipsism, Nov. 27, 1977, republished in the Hilaritas Press rerelease of Natural Law
Neurological Relativism,  March 1978, republished in the Hilaritas Press re-release of Natural Law
A New Writer: F.W. Nietzsche,  October 1984, republished in the Hilaritas Press re-release of Natural Law
Dirty Socks and Denture Breath,  August 1990 (fiction)

The Higher Intelligence QuizSpit in the Ocean #3, 1977

Review of Ezra Pound’s Selected Prose, 1909-1956Conspiracy Digest, Spring 1978

The Relativity of ‘Reality’ from Neurolog, 1978

from Future Life:
Next Stop, Immortality, #6, Nov. 1978
Human Intelligence Increase, #21, Sept.1980
Doomsday May Be Cancelled (book review of Critical Path), #26, May 1981

Making It as a WriterStarship, Summer- Fall 1981

Cabala, High Times, July 1981

Wilson on FarmerHeavy Metal, September, 1981

My Debt to H. P. LovecraftCrypt of Cthulhu #12, 1983

from Gnosis Magazine:
The Priory of Sion, Issue #6: Secret Societies, Winter 1987-’88
Sexual Alchemy, Issue #8: Alchemy, Summer 1998
Synchronicity, Isomorphism & the Implicate Order (pdf), Issue #10: Jung and the Unconscious, Winter 1988-’89

from Magical Blend Magazine:
James Joyce – Ulysses, #15, 1987
review of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, #17, 1987
The Return of Philip K. Dick, #18, February 1988
Dreams of Flying, #19, May-June-July 1988
The Land Where Bulls Are Pregnant, #20, Aug-Sept-Oct 1988
Have You Ever Danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight, #25, Winter 1989
A Sword is Drawn [about Jack Parsons], #27, July 1990
The Sixties: a flashback, #32, Oct. 1991
How to Live Eleven Days in 24 Hours, #46

from Critique: A Journal of Conspiracies and Metaphysics:
Some Circuits of Evolution, #23/#24, Fall 1986/Winter 1987
Art as Black Magick and Moral Subversion, #27, 1988
Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective, #27, 1988
The Semantics of “Good”‘ & “Evil”, #28, 1988, republished in the Hilaritas Press re-release of Natural Law

theirs is the kingdom of heaven, SPIN, July, 1989

The Illuminatus! saga stumbles alongMystery Scene Magazine, Oct 1990

The Meeting of Science and MysticismFate, 1992

from The Backlash!
Language and Lunacy, March 1995
—–reprinted in Email to the Universe
Androphobia: The only respectable bigotry, April 1996
—–reprinted in Email to the Universe
Blinded by bigotry?, May 1996
Feminist Demonolgy and the ‘Is of Identity’, June 1996

from The NeuroNomicoN: The Journal of True Illuminism:
Reinventing Foods: The New Alchemy, Issue 1, July 1996
Evading Dogmatic Medicine, Special Issue # 3, 12 July 1996

seven articles from, Winter 1999

review of Passport to the Cosmos, June 2000

Commentary on The Cantos of Ezra Pound, c. 2001-2002

A Whole New Ballgame, c. 2004?

The Deadly Donut, c. 2004?

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