letter to the editor (pdf) of The New York Times, October 6, 1963

A Letter to Playboy Magazine, April, 1969

letters to Leary, 1974-82

RAW letters (pdf) from 1974-75 submitted by Iona Miller who writes, “Here’s a smattering of those RAW letters, each of which has 1/4 inch worth of xeroxed addenda – articles, projects, etc. L5, Starseed, Discordians, Illuminatus, etc. …original hand-delivered promos, zines and handbills.  These are written to my eX-files husband, Richard Alan Miller, when he ran Beltane Occult Bookstore and was the weirdness nexus of Seattle.”

letter to the editor of Green Egg, No 73, September, 1975
letter to the editor of Green Egg, No 77, March, 1976
and several more…

letter to the editor of High Times (with Bob Shea), July 1976

The Diagonal Relationship Letters, 1979-1982

letter to the editor (pdf) of The Irish Times, August 1, 1983

RAW rant on organized religion, Theistic Evolutionist Forum, June 6, 1986

letter to Edward Babinski, June 6, 1986
one more letter to Edward Babinski, Feb. 22, 1988
yet another letter to Edward Babinski, June 16, 1988

RAW letter (pdf) to Kurt who writes, “This letter dated June 3, 1987 is, I believe, the most instructive of the more than 80 snail mails I received between 1981 and 1995.  As I mentioned, most are prosaic accounts of Bob’s daily activity which consisted mostly of  writing.  It seemed like after hours and hours of creating masterpieces Bob enjoyed staying at the keyboard to write letters.  Indeed, writing kept his mind off the deleterious circumstances of relying on the undependable income of a free-lancer who is not yet appreciated by the establishment cognoscenti.”

letter to LA Times editors, May 1990. (first the article, then RAW’s response)

Letter to No Governor, July 1990

letters to the editor of Saucer Smear magazine: 11-1-94, 12-5-94, 1-5-95, 2-10-95, 3-20-95, 4-15-95, 8-10-95, 12-5-95, 1-10-96, 6-1-96, 6-25-96, 9-10-96, 11-15-96, 1-10-97, 6-20-97, 3-20-98, 6-5-98, 9-1-01, 4-1-02

RAW defends satire (in an email), April 1, 2004

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