Commercially Available Audio
Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything, 2001
Illuminatus! on Audible others also available
The Lost Studio Session, 1994
TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone, 1993

Robert Anton Wilson Remembered (now free)

 E. J. Gold’s talk of the month

          • Secrets of the Illuminati with EJ Gold, CDT053
          •  Secret Esoteric Teachings Within Star Wars with EJ Gold, CDT051
          • The Eight Selves Within Us, CDT 052

on Finnegans Wake and Joseph Campbell (transcript), and YouTube, 1988
The Hour of Slack #91, 1986

RAW on The Art Bell Show  July 17th, 1997 (mp3 download)
An Incorrigible Optimist, May 14, 2003
On Iraqi Prisoner Abuse, May 10, 2004

Talks & Appearances
Pornography, Obscenity, and Censorship, 1961
1997 Alfred Korzybsky Memorial Lecture Series (scroll way down to “1997”, transcript also available)
RAW attends a SubGenius devival in Austin, 1999

Direct mp3 downloads
(sombunall also available on YouTube)

The Future of Higher Intelligence, Tim Leary and Friends, 1981: part 1  part 2
Secrets of Power, Jan 24, 1986 from Chelsea Town Hall, London
“Religion for the Hell of It” talk from Boulder, c. 1986:  part 1   part 2
The Acceleration of Knowlegde” talk from Denver, c. 1986:   part 2      YouTube
“Something’s Happening” with Roy Tuckman on KPFK, LA, April 1987:
—–part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4
“Gonzo Sociology” with Arlen and Bob, April 1987:  part 1   part 2
“Prometheus Rising” from Winterstar 1989:  part 1   part 2
“Quantum Psychology” talk from Sept. 14, 1991:  part 1   part 2
“A Meeting with Robert Shea” from Winterstar 1992:   part 1   part 2

Uncle Bob Explains Everything  Crowley 1   Crowley 2   Religion 1   Religion 2

TSOG Interview CD, 2002 (zip file)
Burned Books interview

Chocolate-Biscuit Conspiracy with The Golden Horde, 1984
Colonisation of Space with E-Rection, 1993, from Cosmic Trigger
Namu Amida Buddha from The Observation of Ruins, 1998

Audio on YouTubes:

The RAWArchive channel 
The Amazing Colossal MindBlaster”  interview, 3/5/88  Part 2,  Part 3
Everything You Know Is Wrong workshop, 3/5/88  Part 2Part 3Part 4
Phoenix Radio Interview, 3/6/88
Trajectories #13, 1994
Trajectories #15, 1995ish
Prepping for the Future
High Tolerance of Ambiguity
The New Inquisition, Boulder, via Sounds True
The Map Is Not the Territory
Jumping Jesus, 1987

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