where to buy prednisone for dogs Commercially Available Audio
Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything, 2001
Illuminatus! on Audible others also available
The Lost Studio Session, 1994
TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone, 1993

Robert Anton Wilson Remembered (now free)

Quetiapine uk Interviews
on Finnegans Wake and Joseph Campbell (transcript), and YouTube, 1988
The Hour of Slack #91, 1986

RAW on The Art Bell Show  July 17th, 1997 (mp3 download)
An Incorrigible Optimist, May 14, 2003
On Iraqi Prisoner Abuse, May 10, 2004

where to buy provigil online Talks & Appearances
Pornography, Obscenity, and Censorship , 1961
1997 Alfred Korzybsky Memorial Lecture Series (scroll way down to “1997”, transcript also available)
RAW attends a SubGenius devival in Austin, 1999

Direct mp3 downloads
(sombunall also available on YouTube)

“Secrets of the Illuminati” with E.J. Gold, 1980:   part 1    part 2
The Future of Higher Intelligence, Tim Leary and Friends, 1981: part 1  part 2
Secrets of Power, Jan 24, 1986 from Chelsea Town Hall, London
“Religion for the Hell of It” talk from Boulder, c. 1986:  part 1   part 2
The Acceleration of Knowlegde” talk from Denver, c. 1986:   part 2      YouTube
“Something’s Happening” with Roy Tuckman on KPFK, LA, April 1987:
—–part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4
“Gonzo Sociology” with Arlen and Bob, April 1987:  part 1   part 2
“Prometheus Rising” from Winterstar 1989:  part 1   part 2
“Quantum Psychology” talk from Sept. 14, 1991:  part 1   part 2
“A Meeting with Robert Shea” from Winterstar 1992:   part 1   part 2

Uncle Bob Explains Everything  Crowley 1   Crowley 2   Religion 1   Religion 2

TSOG Interview CD, 2002 (zip file)
Burned Books interview

Chocolate-Biscuit Conspiracy with The Golden Horde, 1984
Colonisation of Space with E-Rection, 1993, from Cosmic Trigger
Namu Amida Buddha from The Observation of Ruins, 1998

Audio on YouTubes:

The RAWArchive channel 
The Amazing Colossal MindBlaster”  interview, 3/5/88  Part 2,  Part 3
Everything You Know Is Wrong workshop, 3/5/88  Part 2Part 3Part 4
Phoenix Radio Interview, 3/6/88
Trajectories #13, 1994
Trajectories #15, 1995ish
Prepping for the Future
High Tolerance of Ambiguity
The New Inquisition, Boulder, via Sounds True
The Map Is Not the Territory
Jumping Jesus, 1987

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