CCC: online chat

17:07:01 [jonnyg] Good evening Mr. Wilson!!
17:07:09 rllrjammer enters this room
17:07:51 [RAW] good evening jonny
17:08:26 [jonnyg] thanks for this chance to wrap our course up
17:08:51 [RAW] hello mr. rlljammer
17:08:55 [rllrjammer] Hi, everybody.
17:09:23 [RAW] my pleasure. any questions?
17:10:13 [jonnyg] What does the next 5-10 years look like in the future
17:10:45 [jonnyg] are you still hopeful like some of your mid 90s interviews or are you as scared as we are?
17:11:24 [RAW] i don’t know. i expect termendous breakthroughs in the sciences and the arts. and in politics i expect nothing.
17:11:52 [jonnyg] art is best left to the utterly miserable
17:12:17 [RAW] at my age you can’t get scared anymore.
17:13:05 [rllrjammer] I worry that the breakthroughs in the sciences won’t happen fast enough, or be squelched before they can occur.
17:13:08 [RAW] sorry but i disagree. beethoven was not utterly miserable when he wrote the 9th sympathy, for example.
17:13:50 [jonnyg] True…the mistake of a young man who loves to jump to conclusions…in one of your books a feminist professor calls it a hymn to rape though
17:14:11 [RAW] who is going to squelch them, and how? look at history, they break through.
17:15:40 [dan] maybe the true artist has to go underground i think Duchamp said that…
17:15:52 [RAW] she might consider van gogh’s “starry sky” as a glorification of serial killers. i think she’s nuts.
17:16:23 [jonnyg] I am interested in the kids culture jamming…putting up fake traffic signs, arrows leading to nowhere, anti bush and war propaganda posters all over downtown SF…Has anyone here seen the posters with a stencil of a man’s face and the words “OBEY”
17:17:06 [RAW] if you’re original enough you’ll end up in the underground if you live long enough.
17:17:54 [RAW] that’s all a part of operation minkfuck.
17:17:57 [rllrjammer] I hope so. I look at the efforts to stop stem cell research and the attempts to control the quantity and availability of vitamin supplements (and other medicinal products) and think they might be successful. Other times, I’m more optimistic.
17:18:32 [jonnyg] RAW you seem to be a master of intellectual reproduction…you’ve spent a life researching and learning what interests you…but the amazing thing about it is you seem to have passed on your reality tunnel to all of us…Was thata conscious plan?
17:19:57 [jonnyg] To clarify…it’s like your brain is breeding….seducing and mating with all of ours
17:22:28 RAW enters this room
17:23:24 [RAW] the holy inquistion did not stop science. i doubt george bush will do anybetter.
17:23:27 [jonnyg] everyone still here?
17:24:03 [rllrjammer] I’m still here.
17:25:05 [RAW] i think i have a drive to spread my memes the way most men want to spread their genes.
17:25:43 [rllrjammer] The mailman just arrived and left Info-Psychology on my doorstep!
17:26:10 [jonnyg] ME TOO! just kidding
17:26:30 [RAW] i think every writer wants to change people for the better, as far as you can understand what is the better.
17:28:48 [jonnyg] thanks, you have made my reality tunnel a hell of a lot more interesting….I know you hate to play the guru role…but what would you tell someone who wanted to put your memes into action and honor you?
17:30:37 [RAW] putting my memes into action in your life is something only you can understand. i don’t know enough about your life situation. there are no general rules. only individual applications.
17:32:09 [jonnyg] What can we do besides sharing your books with friends and discussing them to bring about a more “RAW” style consciousness non aristolean thinking to the masses…I don’t want to convert, but I would like more freaky peple to talk to
17:33:19 [RAW] you’ll find the freaky people online. don’t look in the mass media channels
17:35:06 [jonnyg] what have you experienced in your time on earth that you would tell us not to miss
17:35:22 [dan] yes, you have really made my reality tunnel much broader in what you teach and you’r example in buddhist teachings
17:36:09 [RAW] sex, drugs and rock and roll.
17:37:07 [RAW] buddhism is one of my three favorite religions.
17:37:29 [jonnyg] others?
17:38:13 [RAW] a long happy marriage. if you’re lucky.
17:38:48 [RAW] and an apartment with a great ocean view.
17:39:20 [jonnyg] do folks in the OTO really partake of comingled sperm and menstrual fluid in the gnostic catholic mass?
17:39:52 sjburke enters this room
17:41:03 [RAW] depends on which OTO you’re talking about. there are 1005 outer heads all leading their own OTOs.
17:41:07 [jonnyg] it makes sense…but it’s pretty dissapointing as SECRETS go
17:42:06 [RAW] what’s disappointing?
17:43:09 [jonnyg] The caliphate bickering in the east bay…politization of the freemason lodge I visit…people always find a way to mess up idealism with their humanity…And I am the pope
17:43:46 [jonnyg] I just want to get on with the business of creating heaven on earth like your jesuit Benoit
17:45:29 [jonnyg] I can’t figure if I’d be better off loving all the assholes into submission or just killing them
17:45:52 [RAW] occult politics, like ordinary politics, shows humanity at its lowest level. i try and ignore it.
17:46:55 [RAW] i believe we have a law against killing all the assholes. if you start at the top, its not even ordinary killing anymore. it’s assination.
17:47:09 [jonnyg] have you ever found an organization that satisfies our desire to share and belong and also reconciles the indviduality of each being
17:47:55 [RAW] yes, but it has no name.
17:48:13 [RAW] it just call it “friends”.
17:48:53 [jonnyg] How much do you charge for membership?
17:48:58 [sjburke] Maybe you don’t have to do either the loving or the killing
17:49:00 [jonnyg] sorry
17:49:50 [jonnyg] SJ?
17:50:20 [RAW] the middle way. more mentation and less munition.
17:50:44 [sjburke] I’m just getting up to speed here. Haven’t used chat before
17:51:21 Josh21 enters this room
17:52:04 [Josh21] Hello, sorry I’m coming in late
17:52:11 [RAW] 9 more minutes, good folks, and i must leave the computer.
17:52:27 [sjburke] Buckminster Fullers ‘livingry’ (instead of weaponry) currently gives me something to do that feels useful and helpful
17:52:46 [jonnyg] If one disagrees with the actions of their gov’t, wouldn’t it be logical to stop funding their wars and programs…Could a movement to stop paying your taxes have any real effect under our curren monetary system
17:52:47 [RAW] hi josh. btw where is everybody, in geospace?
17:52:59 [Josh21] Well, since I’ve got 9 min left, thanks, Bob, it’s been fun and freaky
17:53:18 [Josh21] I’m in cookeville, tn
17:53:23 [jonnyg] I’m typing for all of em RAW
17:53:38 [rllrjammer] Dublin, California
17:54:01 [sjburke] Everybody, I hope you got mucho from this course. It certainly rocked my monkey world
17:54:14 [RAW] i think it’s already happening. there’s hints in the media that the irs is 7 years behind auditing forms because there’s so much cheeting going on.
17:54:40 [Josh21] I’ve had a blast-lots of trouble keeping up tho
17:54:40 [sjburke] I’m Melbourne, Australia, in the beautiful sunshine
17:54:49 [jonnyg] Cajah’s Mountain, North Caroline at the fiancee’s parents(they think I’m anti-social cuz they don’t know bout RAW)
17:55:06 [dan] i’m here in old lancaster, P.A.
17:56:45 [sjburke] To keep up with this course, I’ve had to work with bigger and bigger chunks of info, until I ‘[arrived” at a colossal ‘maybe’.
17:56:46 [RAW] i’m in capitola in my apartment overlooking the pacific bay of the pacific ocean. and i love the view. for more details on the view see “Old man on a balcony” – poems on my site.
17:57:08 [jonnyg] At the risk of being schmaltzy…while I can I’d like to say thanks to RAW…for his books, ideas and the energy to grow them in all of us…RAW you have made me a better human and the world a better place…I love knowing that growing up doesn’t mean I’ll get “OLD”
17:57:35 [jonnyg] and I love the little bit I know of you
17:57:52 [RAW] thank you thank you thank you
17:57:58 [jonnyg] and everyone in this class…ya’ll are sex drugs and rock n roll
17:58:02 [rllrjammer] Jonyg speaks for me, also.
17:58:09 [sjburke] That’s not schmaltzy at all jonnyg- I’m right with ya.
17:58:37 [Josh21] I’m with jonnyg too, great point about growing up, not old
17:59:22 [sjburke] I am now officially moved- and I don’t mean ‘maybe’
17:59:49 [RAW] as betty davis said, old age isn’t for sissies. and as george burns said, it’s better than the alterative. a hell of a lot better, i think.
18:00:09 [dan] yea.. looking foward to taking the crowley and quantum courses with RAW
18:00:51 [RAW] one final word of advice. live so that people love you. you’ll need them when you get old.
18:01:23 [Josh21] thanks for the advice–have fun, bob
18:01:28 [sjburke] I return to my planet now
18:01:30 [RAW] good bye friends. see you in the later courses! -bob
18:01:35 [Josh21] see you next class
18:01:44 [rllrjammer] Thanks so much for everything
18:01:52 RAW exits from this room
18:02:04 [jonnyg] Thanks…I n I will meet again
18:03:54 [Josh21] bye,yall, its been fun
18:04:00 Josh21 exits from this room
18:05:03 [rllrjammer] Bye. everybody. Hope to talk to you all in the

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