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Selection of Robert Anton Wilson Audio pieces

Robert Anton Wilson Remembered

RAW Remembered

Fond remembrances of the life and work of Robert Anton Wilson, featuring Douglas Rushkoff, Antero Ali, Tiffany Lee Brown, David Jay Brown, Zac Odin, and Joseph Matheny.

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The Lost Studio Session


First recorded in Chicago in 1994, this previously unreleased audio session with the renowned Robert Anton Wilson has been stored away for fifteen years…and almost lost entirely. If Bob knew how many synchronicities surround the rediscovery and release of this “lost” studio session, he would be chuckling in that half jolly, half mischievous way of his. If you believe in any kind of afterlife, maybe you can imagine him laughing right now. I like that image: Bob the laughing Buddha, still having one over on us from the great beyond. – Joseph Matheny

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TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone

By Joseph Matheny, Rob Brezsny, Hakim Bey, Nick Herbert and Robert Anton Wilson


 A night of ontological anarchy and poetic terrorism captured live at the Komotion International in San Francisco in February 1993. Introduced by Joseph Matheny and featuring Rob Breszny, the elusive Hakim Bey reading from his unpublished manuscripts, Nick Herbert performing his Quantum Tantric poetry, and Robert Anton Wilson rounding out the evening with his RAW witticisms.





  1. Joseph Matheny 0:18
  2. Rob Brezsny 7:05
  3. Hakim Bey 39:39
  4. Nick Herbert 21:23
  5. Robert Anton Wilson 31:23
  6. Exit 0:30

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The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy


The Chocolate-Biscuit Conspiracy with The Golden Horde, 1984

Side one:

1. The Chocolate Biscuit The song that has become the anthem for a dedicated new generation. “In my innyr myndes eye, I have seen Tim Leary jam with The Archives” – GuruWeirdbrain

2. Young and Happy  Here because we love it, and we love you too ……

3. Communist for the F.B.I. The song that started it all. The first ever written by The Horde for Bob, on which they spontaneously create together, a maelstrom of aural conceptual and experiential (not to say conspiratorial) uniqueness.

Side two:

4. Little U.F.O.  At last, the truth about flying saucers! surf music lives, as Bob explains.

5. Black Flag  Bob’s lyrics, written for The American Medical Associations’ final gig at Ingolstadt with The Horde attacking the listener with a virtual sonic assault!!

6. Lawrence Talbot Suite  Lon Chaney Jr, The Easter Bunny, The primeval sleeve note, red curtain, the stings, a crush-can dominates a scowling buddha.