TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone

By Joseph Matheny, Rob Brezsny, Hakim Bey, Nick Herbert and Robert Anton Wilson


 A night of ontological anarchy and poetic terrorism captured live at the Komotion International in San Francisco in February 1993. Introduced by Joseph Matheny and featuring Rob Breszny, the elusive Hakim Bey reading from his unpublished manuscripts, Nick Herbert performing his Quantum Tantric poetry, and Robert Anton Wilson rounding out the evening with his RAW witticisms.





  1. Joseph Matheny 0:18
  2. Rob Brezsny 7:05
  3. Hakim Bey 39:39
  4. Nick Herbert 21:23
  5. Robert Anton Wilson 31:23
  6. Exit 0:30

Available for download  from Archive.org

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